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Sales & Marketing Consulting

(for predictable, repeatable and scalable revenues)

Your company is growing,

but at an unpredictable and

lower-than-expected rate.


(That’s just wrong, you’ve worked too hard to let this happen.)

But what if you could have…

Predictable Revenue

That means no more missed sales forecasts or embarassing board meetings.

Repeatable Revenue

That means you can replicate your successes.

Scalable Revenues

Ready to grow? Feel confident in adding more resources.

Chad Perry Profile Photo

About Chad Perry

Chad Perry is the founder and principal of Chad D. Perry Consulting. He’s been a contributing writer for Inc. and TechCrunch, as well as earning media coverage in Bloomberg, Fast Company, Forbes, Newsweek and ReadWrite.

As a senior sales and marketing leader he has $1 billion in revenue credit to his name. His average company sales improvement is 3X during his tenure at any one company. He has worked with 11 of the Fortune 50, and 3 of the Top 5 Broadcast and Cable Networks.

Chad has developed the RevenueMechanics™ framework to help CEOs align sales and marketing teams on the same, right page.

Here’s how it works

Initial Call

Let’s start with a free 45-minute call, where you bring your biggest sales challenge. We’ll talk it through, and see what we can do.

Limited Project

Then, if it makes sense, let’s engage in a short term project to fix a component we’ve identified.

Full Engagement

Finally, after a limited engagement, if it makes sense, we can talk about a full engagement.

The Details…

I know you’re the kind of CEO who wants to create a successful company and make a difference in the world. In order to do that, you need predictable, repeatable and scalable revenues. The problem is most CEOs don’t come from a marketing and sales background. That makes most CEOs feel stymied when trying to figure out that part of the business.
It doesn’t have to be that way. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, you’re expert at what you do. You just need someone who can help guide you through the chaos of marketing and sales. That’s what I do best.
Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Initial Call

We’ll get on a no-charge initial call where you’ll share with me your biggest revenue frustrations. I’ll listen intently and let you know honestly if I think I can help. With over $1B in sales revenue to my name, there’s little I haven’t seen.

Step 2: Limited Project

There’s no need to jump into the deep end of the pool yet. Let’s start with a small project where I’ll take you through my RevenueMechanics™ framework. The same framework I’ve used to generate $1B in sales revenue, and triple (on average) the company revenues for every company I’ve worked for.
The typical cost of a complete RevenueMechanics™ framework is $5,000 for which you’ll receive:
  • Market Analysis
  • Ideal Buyer Persona Development
  • Internal + External Deal Review (Won, Lost, No Decision)
  • Competitor Review
  • Pricing Review
  • Messaging & Positioning Review
  • Go-to-Market Channel(s) Review
  • Lead Generation & Prospecting Review
  • Opportunity Management Review

Step 3: Full Engagement

If at this point it makes sense, we can discuss a full engagement where I help you execute the RevenueMechanics™ framework.
The typical cost of this is 5% – 10% of net new incremental revenues, as a result of the engagement.

The ROI Guarantee

I’m so confident I can help you scale your company, that I guarantee you’ll get at least 2X of any dollars you invest with me. If you don’t — I’ll re-perform the services for free, until you do.
You have nothing to risk.