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The CxO’s Guide to RELIABLY Growing Revenues

So that $1 invested in marketing and sales returns $2 in revenues. 

No matter WHAT you sell, or WHO you sell to.

In this webinar you’ll learn:


  • The exact framework I’ve used to generate $1 billion in sales.
  • A systematic approach to ramping, building or scaling revenues.
  • How to make lead generation and prospecting easier.
  • DIY strategies you can start using today.
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About Chad Perry

Chad Perry is the founder and principal of Chad D. Perry Consulting. He’s been a contributing writer for Inc. and TechCrunch, as well as earning media coverage in Bloomberg, Fast Company, Forbes, Newsweek and ReadWrite.

As a senior sales and marketing leader he has $1 billion in revenue credit to his name. His average company sales improvement is 3X during his tenure at any one company. He has worked with 11 of the Fortune 50, and 3 of the Top 5 Broadcast and Cable Networks.

Chad has developed the RevenueMechanics™ framework to help CEOs align sales and marketing teams on the same, right page.